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Posted 24 Nov 2016

“Congratulations!  Your funding package has been approved.”  If that’s you, your next question might be: “Now what?”

Here, some of our most experienced staff give a few pointers about how they help clients achieve the best outcomes from their funding.

1. Think about your goals 

Some aged care and disability support packages allocate funding towards specific goals.  Think clearly about your specific goals and be as broad as possible in considering how you might achieve them.  Stating your goals clearly will assist when you wish to apply for particular equipment or services.

2. Ask lots of questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  The experienced team at AHCS is available to help you understand your funding, what its parameters are and then help you understand what we can do.  Asking questions about your funding and what services are available to you is absolutely okay.  This may be particularly true for NDIS-funded clients as the system is new to everyone.

3. Keep us up to date with any changes in your circumstances

At AHCS, we encourage clients to communicate any changes to their circumstances.  This might be changes in health status or household composition, for example.  Or it might be changes relating to other family supports.  Whatever the case, it helps us prepare for possible change which can sometimes mean applying for additional funding, which takes time.

4. Be creative about how you use your resources to meet your needs

When it comes to using your funding package, it’s all about achieving value.  Exploring various options to meet your needs might mean you have more money left for other services.  For example, think outside the square and use technology, such as online shopping, or community-based support, such as volunteer dog walkers.

5. Explore other funding streams and local supports

Our client services managers can tap you in to other funding streams and options and lower level services so you get more out of your package.  Local councils can also be a good place to start for complementary services offered through health centres, community-based programs or voluntary groups or associations.  Our staff have the experience and expertise to link you in with other relevant supports so make sure you’re aware of what’s on offer.

6. Use the tools available to inform your spending decisions

AHCS staff are equipped with costing tools on their laptops.  This means that when they’re out and about, they can sit down with you and demonstrate what your budget looks like when you purchase certain services.  This provides some great information about what changing just one shift does to your budget over the course of the year.  It will also allow you to see how the cost of services on public holidays and weekends impacts your budget.  Armed with this kind of information, many clients are able to optimise how they allocate their budget and elect to have essential services only on those days.

7. Make the most of our packaging service

With our premium packaging service, organising and delivering your services is just the beginning.  Our expert team also takes care of your budget, funding and invoicing on your behalf so you can focus on the things that matter to you.  Find out more here.

8. Let our staff advocate for your needs

With experience spanning 30 years, we’re well-placed to advocate for our clients’ needs.  Exploring support services and funding options might be new to you but it’s something we do every day.

For a free consultation, call 1300 303 770 or use our online enquiry form today.

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