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Posted 06 Dec 2016

Here we take a look at the intent of the NDIS, what the changes might mean for you and how you can make sure it works for you.

Anyone who has experienced change will understand it often brings challenges and opportunities.  The advent of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is no exception.  Because it’s a social change on a scale seen once in a generation, the challenges and opportunities abound for everyone involved.

The NDIS story so far…

The NDIS is an initiative of the Commonwealth Government.  It reimagines the way our community supports Australians with disability, their families and carers.

Its intent is to provide the reasonable and necessary supports to people under the age of 65, with a permanent and significant disability, to live an empowered lifestyle that optimises their independence through planning and goal setting.

Because it operates as a universal insurance scheme, the NDIS is designed to take an holistic lifetime approach, investing in people with disability early to improve their outcomes later in life.  It is not means tested.

The concept of ‘investing’ is significant because it shifts how Australians think about disability funding.

On one hand, it seeks to give all Australians peace of mind that if their child or loved one is born with, or acquires a permanent and significant disability, they will get the support they require.

On the other, it recognises that better equality and accessibility for all Australians means our country stands to enjoy greater prosperity.  This is because people previously unable to participate fully in the community or employment will develop the skills and capability to pursue opportunities that may have been beyond their reach.

The Scheme began in a number of trial sites around Australia in July 2013.  The NDIS went live in various parts of Australia in July 2016 and when the rollout is complete in 2019, it will support around 460,000 participants Australia-wide.

Participants in the Scheme work with a planner from the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to create their customised NDIS plan before commencing their services.

So what does this mean for you and your family?

You may have lots of questions about how the NDIS will affect you.  We understand that the NDIS will mean different things for different people.  But in essence, it means that you control a tailor-made plan that suits your needs and is flexible for you and your family’s lifestyle.

Not only are we a registered provider for the NDIS working with a growing NDIS client base, our expertise based on 30 years of caring means we can guide you as you explore your options.

Even more importantly, we are able to advocate for you as you engage with the NDIA.  For example, we can attend your NDIA planning meeting with you in a supportive capacity.  In addition, we can advocate on behalf of our clients as they work with the NDIS when support plans need to be adjusted.

When working with the NDIA and creating your NDIS plan, it’s helpful to remember that participants have full control over how their funds are spent and which services are implemented over their lifetime.

Australian Home Care Services is highly experienced in caring for people with complex needs.  We assign a client service manager to each client to help them navigate their way through the process of starting their services.  Clients retain this staff member as their point of contact within Australian Home Care Services from then on, creating a personal connection that sets us apart from many of our industry peers.

Our staff are well-placed to clarify your questions, while our expertise in organising and coordinating care makes us a strong NDIS partner.For example, where NDIS plans involve multiple providers for different services, we have the capacity to take a leading role in ensuring all supports are implemented smoothly to deliver great outcomes.

When is the NDIS coming to my area?

The rollout is scheduled as follows:





North East Melbourne, Central Highlands, Loddon and continuing in Barwon.

Central Coast, Northern Sydney, South Western Sydney, Southern New South Wales, Western Sydney and the remaining populations beyond the trial sites in Hunter New England and Nepean-Blue Mountains.


Inner Gippsland, Ovens Murray, Western District, Inner East Melbourne, Outer East Melbourne, Hume Moreland and Bayside Peninsula.

Illawarra Shoalhaven, Mid North Coast, Murrumbidgee, Northern New South Wales, South Eastern Sydney, Sydney, Western New South Wales, and Far West New South Wales.


Southern Melbourne, Brimbank Melton, Western Melbourne, Goulburn, Mallee and Outer Gippsland.

The NDIS is expected to be operating state-wide by July.


The NDIS is expected to be operating state-wide.


# People currently receiving support through the Victorian Government will be moving to the NDIS at different times depending on the type of support they are receiving. Existing commonwealth and state based supports will continue until you are covered by the NDIS.

* People currently receiving supports through the New South Wales Government specialist disability services program will be moving to the NDIS first.  Existing Commonwealth and State-based supports will continue until you are covered by the NDIS.

Even if the NDIS is still coming to your area, it’s not too early to start thinking about your transition.  The NDIS website at offers detailed information and some great resources about the Scheme.

Get in touch with us so we can start working with you to achieve your goals. Australian Home Care Services offers services in metropolitan, regional and rural Victoria and New South Wales and we are branching into Queensland and ACT.

Call 1300 303 770 or use our online enquiry form today.

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